Traditional Medicinals has introduced Hemp+Herb bagged teas into its apothecary of herbal teas. The Hemp+Herb line consists of three teas specially formulated to support mental focus, stress relief and joint health. With taste and efficacy in mind, each formula is supported by a combination of medicinal herbs and the power of 20mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract to deliver specific wellness benefits.

The synergy of ethically sourced, high quality herbs and broad-spectrum hemp come together to support three specific functional needs:
• Hemp+Herb Joint Health: To support a healthy response to inflammation associated with an active lifestyle, the broad-spectrum hemp extract is complemented by meadowsweet for a floral and mildly sweet tea.*
• Hemp+Herb Stress Relief : Chamomile and broad-spectrum hemp extract fuse together to create this calming tea that supports relaxation and soothes the occasional nerves.*
• Hemp+Herb Mental Focus: Broad-spectrum hemp extract, guayusa, yerba maté and mint combine in this minty and lightly roasted tea to support mental alertness and sustain energy levels at any time of the day.*

To harness the power of their organic hemp, only the aerial (above soil) parts of the plant are used in order to preserve as much of the plant’s naturally occurring constituents as possible. To then create the organic hemp extracts, an organically-certified CO2 extraction process is used to concentrate the active constituents without the use of any petroleum solvents.

Traditional Medicinals Hemp+Herb teas are sold in boxes of 16 tea bags with an S.R.P. of $16.99. The Hemp+Herb line of teas can be found at select health food stores, on Amazon and other online retailers.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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