Canntab Therapeutics Limited has been issued a U.S. patent for its modified-release, multilayer tablet formulations for cannabinoid delivery.

Pursuant to a filing made in March 2017, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent No. 10,772,837 to Canntab, titled "Modified Release Multi-Layer Tablet Cannabinoid Formulations.” The term of the patent expires on March 15, 2038.

This patent covers Canntab's modified release pharmaceutical compositions, and more specifically, compositions comprising cannabinoids and a process for preparation thereof, as well as methods for administering the compositions to human users. The compositions may contain a combination of ingredients in proportions calculated to achieve therapeutic effect.  

The patent granted is for Canntab's bi-layer or multilayer tablets consisting of both Instant Release ("IR") and Extended Release ('XR") formulations with THC, CBD and a variety of terpenes and other cannabinoids found in full-spectrum cannabis and hemp oil resin.

Canntab has filed applications for 13 patents in Canada and the United States that cover a range of processes and formulations that it uses to create its precision oral-delivery hard tablets. These patents include Canntab's proprietary nano-emulsification technology, granulation process, methods of manufacturing and covers its full line of precision oral-delivery hard tablets including instant (immediate) release tablets, extended release tablets and oral dissolvable tablets. Canntab has also filed a patent for an exclusive formulation of THC and CBD for the treatment of opioid addiction treatment therapy.  

"This is a major milestone that confirms our proprietary formulations are unique and differentiated from other product offerings in the global marketplace which will support a faster revenue stream as we begin production and distribution in the immediate future,” Canntab CEO Larry Latowsky said. “This is the first patent that was issued to date out of the 13 that we have applied for, and will be leveraged to solidify Canntab's position as the leader in solid dose (hard pill) formulations of medicinal cannabinoids.”

Canntab believes its hard pill formulations are true pharmaceutical-grade delivery systems that provide for superior ingredient stability, enhanced bioavailability, and customizable and precise dosing. Canntab intends to prove greater bioavailability through a blood level study at a third-party Clinical Research Organization (CRO). In addition, whether it is for medical, recreational or nutraceutical purposes, Canntab is able to provide extended release formulations.

"Canntab expects this and future patents to be very valuable in the development of our strategic partnerships and alliances and in our efforts to secure worldwide distribution of our proprietary products,” Latowsky said. “As the medical community continues to recognize cannabinoid alternatives to traditional therapies, we will continue to develop innovative approaches to support many clinical applications.”

In addition, Canntab is conducting research on its combined CBD and THC tablet and its potential as a treatment for addiction to nicotine, alcohol, cannabis, opioids and other substances. Canntab will use a derivative of these formulations for its clinical trial with Dr. Donald Garbuz from the University of British Columbia, as previously released in December 2018.

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