Cresco Labs has launched Good News, the newest cannabis brand to join its growing portfolio.

With a unique and differentiated positioning from offerings in the market, Good News embraces cannabis’ ability to address the responsibly fun social occasions that are typically associated with alcohol consumption. The product line delivers a quality, safe and consistent cannabis experience through easy to use and benefit-forward forms, including gummy edibles, pre-rolled shorties and disposable vape pens. 

“Our goal at Cresco Labs is to create a portfolio of brands that meets the unique needs and preferences of all types of cannabis consumers,” said Chief Commercial Officer Greg Butler. “There are many social occasions that exist today where cannabis is currently not playing a major role and has historically not been marketed to socially-minded consumers like beer, wine and spirits have always been. With Good News, we’re focused on making cannabis part of the consideration, approachable and fun. Cannabis is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives and playing a larger role during occasions where we want a little ‘me time,’ to laugh and find ways to have a break during these difficult times. After a successful soft launch in Illinois and California, we’re excited to expand Good News availability to all of our operational states.” 

Good News does not require a consumer to understand the complexity of terpenes and strains, instead relying on formulations with specific, easy-to-understand mindsets and benefits. The product line includes gummy edibles made with oil that retains the inherent effects that only cannabis can deliver (100mg total: ten, 10-mg gummies per pack).

Each product is sold in approachable packaging and crafted with consumers’ desired mood in mind — Me Time (Indica), Brunch (Hybrid), Friyay (Sativa) and Vegas (Sativa). 

“Even in the time of COVID-19 when we are practicing social distancing and deprived of our typical social routines, consumers are still looking for an outlet for responsible fun,” said Cory Rothschild, senior VP of brand marketing. “More than ever, we need a brand with optimism in its DNA that celebrates the togetherness we all miss. Good News is just that, while embodying the mindset of today’s modern recreational consumers. Many consumers do not want to understand the ins and outs of terpenes and strains to access the benefits of cannabis and enjoy more of life. That’s why we’ve segmented Good News products by occasion — Me Time, Brunch, Friyay and Vegas — to help recreational customers shop for forms by their benefit, taking the guesswork out of the retail experience.”

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