True Terpenes has launched Terpology by Dr. Ethan Russo, an exclusive line of effect-based terpene blends. 

When combined with cannabis or CBD, infused in cosmetics or placed in a diffuser, these blends create a more balanced and pleasant experience and encourage users to be more focused, have more energy or be more calm. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in many plants that provide aroma and flavor to various products, including food/beverage, cannabis and beauty. Russo designed these new effect-based blends to have a biochemical and pharmacological base and a pleasant smell.

Russo is a board-certified neurologist and a research pioneer in cannabis and psychopharmacology. His work has helped popularize the entourage effect, where the benefits of medical cannabis can be enhanced when combined with terpenes. He is also a member of the recently launched True Terpenes Scientific Advisory Board, where he works alongside pharmaceutical expert Dr. Randall Murphy to advance terpenes research.

"Dr. Russo is at the forefront of terpene research and innovation, making him the ideal candidate to design an original product line for True Terpenes," said Chris Campagna, CEO of True Terpenes. "As a company, we are continuously looking for new and exciting ways to bring terpenes into people's lives, and these effects-based blends are the best way to introduce people to the world of terpenes.

Terpology by Dr. Ethan Russo is available in three effects: 

  • Focus: Based on a foundation of alpha pinene, a terpene found in pine needles and conifer that helps clear the head. When combined with linalool, a terpene found in lavender, it helps people calm down and focus. 
  • Energy: Using alpha pinene, to reduce short-term memory impairment, and limonene for mood elevation, this blend improves concentration. 
  • Calm: This blend features a mix of linalool and limonene. When working together, the calming agents in linalool and the mood-elevating effect of limonene, the main ingredient of citrus, causes relaxation. 

"Science is the backbone of these new blends,” Russo said. “They were designed to give users a consistent and pleasant experience every time they are used. They can be added to a wide range of products to enhance smell and encourage specific moodstates. I look forward to continuing my work with True Terpenes, expanding the line and continuing to educate people about the benefits of terpenes."

Terpology by Dr. Ethan Russo effects-based terpene profiles are available today in a variety of sizes exclusively at

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