Cw Analytical Laboratories and Vertosa, Inc. have developed an analytical methodology and an emulsion technology that improves cannabinoid delivery in cannabis-infused beverages.  

"The combination of new emulsion technologies and creative new analytical methods have dramatically improved accurate potency delivery and product quality of cannabis beverages," says Dr. Robert Martin, CEO, Cw Analytical Laboratories. "Vertosa and Cw Analytical have accomplished a technology and analytical methodology that solves the problem of inaccurate infused beverage dosing for consumers. Infused beverages from the marketplace have shown THC contents may significantly vary from product labeling."  

Developed by Vertosa and analytically validated by Cw Analytical, the microemulsion technology enables precise and accurate cannabinoid dosing in beverage matrixes.

"With infused beverages being one of the fastest growing categories in the cannabis space with enormous potential, it is crucial that companies across the supply chain work closely together to deliver the most reliable and consistent products of the highest quality," said Vertosa CEO Ben Larson. "Cw Analytical is one of the premier laboratories in the state of California servicing the cannabis industry, so we're thrilled to team up and combine our proprietary emulsion technology with their expertise in accurate analytical measurement to continue to pave the way for a promising future for infused products."

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