Cannabis Global, Inc. is launching Hemp & Booch Super Premium hemp-infused Kombucha, powered by the company's Hemp You Can Feel infusions.

"Hemp & Booch not only sets the standard for taste and purity, but also for the relaxing effect provided by the company's patent-pending Hemp You Can Feel infusions," said Arman Tabatabaei, Cannabis Global CEO. "Our new line is based on the best all-natural ingredients available, and we believe this comes across in the taste of the products, which are now available in sample quantities."

The product line, which targets the high end of the Kombucha market, is infused using a unique honey bee hemp extract technology. Rather than using hemp extracts produced in a laboratory, like all other manufacturers, Cannabis Global has based its 100 percent  natural product line on extracts of hemp produced by providing hemp extracts to honey bees, which in turn naturally process the extracts into a unique and naturally water-soluble infusion technology.

The company initially will introduce three Kombuchas: Concord Grape & Vanilla Bean, Pineapple Mint and Kalmbucha, a special nighttime blend based on an exotic, caffeine-free organic African tea.  

"We have gone all out relative to the ingredients and manufacturing processes utilized to produce this super-premium line,” Tabatabaei said. “It is an authentic 'raw food' product, keeping true to the healthful philosophy behind Kombucha products. We believe we are the only manufacturer able to complete the entire manufacturing process for a hemp-infused Kombucha product at room temperature allowing for full enzyme and amino acid retention. After all, consumers drink Kombucha for its health benefits, and our customers deserve the best in terms of both ingredients and production process."

Hemp & Booch is already available in sample quantities by request and will be available in commercial quantities through online distribution by the end of next month.

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