Colorado-based Yeti Farms is introducing Yummies, a line of all natural cannabis-infused gummies.

Yeti Farms is known for using organic processes and raising sun-grown, terpene-rich cannabis. The farm turns its cannabis flower into pure oils that are abundant in cannabinoids.

Yummies are available in packages with 50mg and 100mg THC for recreational consumers and 500mg and 1000mg THC for medical consumers. Available flavors include Lemon Lime, Melon Melon (a two-melon blend), Grapefruit, Stromegranate (a combination of strawberry and pomegranate) and Inferno, Colorado's hottest cinnamon edible.

Shawn Honaker, owner of Yeti Farms, said Yummies were developed to set a new standard for clean, natural edibles with consistency, purity and flavor.

"The fact is, the market is already full of gummies, and some of them are very good," he said. "We knew that to put a gummy on the market, it had to be superior in every way."

Available at dispensaries throughout Colorado Yummies are made with the same care that goes into every aspect of Yeti Farms: only all-natural organic techniques are used, without any pesticides, herbicides or harmful chemicals.

"In addition to using the highest quality ingredients, we are also particularly proud of our selection of incredible homemade flavors," Honaker added. "I think once you try them, you're going to love them."

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