Cannabis Global, Inc. has begun distributing its tetrahydrocannabivarin (THC-V) coffee and tea products to product beta testers.

Pending full release of the products, the company has implemented a 30-day beta testing period, during which production for general release will continue.

Cannabis Global has integrated three internally developed technologies into the manufacturing process for the industry's first THC-V beverages. The first produces controlled-release nanoparticles loaded with 70 percent+ THC-V utilizing laboratory-based, pharmaceutical-grade production equipment. The company also uses its internally developed powerization and one-step dosing system, ensuring precise dosing and significantly faster production. Cannabis Global has filed provisional patents on all three technologies.

"Our unique infusion and production technologies provide Cannabis Global with a product purity advantage as well as a clear path to low cost leadership," said CEO Arman Tabatabaei. "The THC-V cannabinoids are synthesized and entirely free of impurities. While there were some upfront technology development and intellectual property protection costs, we expect our ongoing variable production costs to be less than half of any potential competitor. Via our technologies, we turn one of the cannabis industry's most expensive items – pure THC-V cannabinoids – into a cost-effective solution that sets a new standard for product purity in the cannabinoid-based products marketplace."

Cannabis Global’s first THC-V beverages are three blends of super-premium coffee packaged in compostable, single-serving coffee pods and several blends of organic green, black and pu'er teas, all packaged in single-serving formats.

These products were a result of the company's Project Varin, which was launched last year to invent new manufacturing and infusion technologies for rare cannabinoids such as THC-V. Cannabis Global plans to utilize the developed technologies in similar applications for other rare cannabinoids, with cannabigerol (CBG) likely being the next target for integration into the company's beverage products.

THC-V is not scheduled at the federal level. Cannabis Global's THC-V products contain zero tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), far below the acceptable federal level of 0.3 percent, and zero heavy metals, pesticide and herbicide residues, nitrates and other impurities that are contained in most cannabis and hemp products.

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