AIDP, Inc. announced effective immediately that it will be distributing Verdant Oasis European Hemp products. VERDANT OASIS grows and processes high quality, full spectrum EU agricultural hemp through vertically integrated operations from seed to finished products. Verdant Oasis hemp is certified ECO and USDA Organic produced from non-GMO seed bank-certified, genotyped strains and contains no CBD isolates. Using proprietary CO2 extraction and refining technology, Verdant Oasis Panoramic Entourage™ Oil captures the complete essence of hemp’s actives and is available in powder, water soluble oil and oil for dietary supplements, beverage and food applications.

“AIDP is known to provide the highest standard of ingredients for its dietary supplement, beverage and food customers, VERDANT OASIS is a perfect partner for the supply of hemp ingredients,” says Mark Thurston, President of AIDP. “We are pleased to represent Verdant Oasis and promote this amazing product line with our customers.” 

The market for Verdant OASIS ingredients is predicted to experience strong growth over the next 5 years.