Space Station devices are dispensing Synapse CBD Gum, Apollo Energy Gum and Golf Gum touch-free via text from any cellphone at retail stores around Denver.

These devices are about the size of a Keurig machine and represent a significant departure from the traditional wholesale/retail and marketing infrastructures. By incorporating multiple touch-free payment methods, the teams behind Space Station Limited, Apollo Brands LLC, and Synapse LLC believe they were ahead of the curve before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We got lucky," stated CEO Troy Widgery. "We started developing a healthier alternative to energy drinks over a decade ago with the belief that consumers would prefer a smart, portable, sugar-free and more functional way to stay focused and energized. COVID-19 just accelerated a trend that we thought was still a couple of years away.”

Synapse CBD Gum, Apollo Energy Gum and Golf Gum are produced by the Liquid Core Gum Company in Denver. The Space Station division developed its technology with the vision to build a network of autonomous sales and sampling devices that consumers can interact with from any cellphone.

"We first designed Space Station to be interactive and fun, but its automated, touch-free features are especially important now that consumers want as little contact as possible," Widgery said. "The COVID-19 situation has turned out to be a pivotal event for Space Station and for our gum brands as well, and we are grateful that we can help.”

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