Kushy Punch, a California cannabis brand, has expanded into Nevada with a new lineup of flavors in separate, single-bite 10mg doses.

“Kushy Punch was founded six years ago around the notion of providing high quality, low-calorie gummies with consistent dosing,” said Jim Hooser, Kushy Punch’s Nevada general manager. “Our evolution continues today with the launch of our single-dose gummies, offering the same ‘punch’ we have become known in a consumer-friendly form and package. True to our legacy, we continue to offer wellness one bite at a time."

In addition to the new flavors, new packaging includes proprietary childproof triggers (patent pending), the separation of each bite (dose) within the packaging, and the use of silicon technology to preserve the potency, freshness and integrity of the gummy — all wrapped in the iconic Kushy Punch colors for its Indica, Sativa and Hybrid products.

“I’m excited to lead the way in bringing Kushy Punch to Nevada,” Hooser said. “It is a cornerstone in the edibles sector, a welcoming brand to cannabis newcomers, and a household name among cannabis enthusiasts – a sure bet.”

Founded in 2014, the Kushy Punch brand has pursued a science-forward approach from its inception by using pharma-grade manufacturing and formulation processes, and has used the highest-quality ingredients such as locally-sourced full spectrum oil to provide consistent, safe dosing for its customers.

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