Cannabis Global, Inc.’s Project Varin research program has yielded a new tetrahydrocannabivarin (THC-V) delivery system providing for sustained release of the cannabinoid over a predetermined period of time and two other delivery systems for immediate release.

Project Varin’s aim is to develop new delivery systems for varin cannabinoids. THC-V is becoming known within the cannabinoid sciences arena for its purported appetite suppression qualities and its possible use as a treatment against obesity-associated glucose intolerance. 

The technology being developed through this study will be implemented in coffee and tea products to be released in May 2020. THC-V is similar in chemical structure to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but is non-psychoactive and not scheduled as a controlled substance. 

"While these developments add to our growing list of intellectual property, these are much more than technologies that will sit on a shelf," said Cannabis Global CEO Arman Tabatabaei. "We have already integrated both the sustained and immediate release versions into beverage products that we expect to be available to consumers next month. We believe the field of minor and exotic cannabinoids will grow substantially this year with several product introductions. We are extremely excited at the prospect of being a first mover in this emerging market segment." 

The most significant of the developments produced a sustained release polymeric nanoparticle at ultra-high level loading, meaning the particles are mainly made of pure THC-V. These particles are designed to release the THC-V in a delayed manner. When used with immediate-release particles, they hold the promise to provide sustained dosing over many hours.

Other versions of the THC-V infusion technology are designed to provide immediate release via formulations that utilize none of the chemicals, such as emulsifiers and surfactants, that are often used in cannabinoid infusion delivery vehicles. The nano-particle versions were developed based on the company's pending patents filed late last year. Cannabis Global utilized both botanically derived and pharmaceutical-grade synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol to develop these infusion technologies.

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