Northern Illinois University, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and Botanics & Health Inc., maker of Tru-Releaf, plan to study how CBD can reduce pain and aid post-work out recovery in student athletes.

Tru-Releaf, a topical lotion, delivers 40 micrograms of full-spectrum CBD per pump. Studies using Tru-Releaf will formally begin when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state and university officials determine it's safe for student athletes to return to campus.

Colleges and universities worldwide will be able to use the results from this study as a guide to help students avoid opiate abuse, illicit drug use and remain sports-governing body compliant. This study could also be beneficial to professional sports organizations and player associations who need alternatives to opiates and drugs that affect mental and physical performance. 

School backers and alumni also benefit from this study, having the ability to buy Tru-Releaf at a discounted price of $35, a savings of $10.95. With each bottle, a donation of $5 will be given.  

"Tru-Releaf can reduce the need for opiates and aid in recovery, something all athletic departments need," said Michael J. Schultz, CEO of Botanics & Health, Inc. “This study will prove that pure topical CBD is effective and a safe method to use CBD, one that does not allow CBD or THC to accumulate in the bloodstream as oral CBD products can."

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