Cresco Labs is hiring retail positions for its Sunnyside dispensaries throughout Illinois in an effort to shore up its teams and provide patients and customers in its communities with the cannabis products they need. 

The company will focus recruitment efforts on local industries significantly impacted by COVID-19, including hospitality and restaurant service workers. In addition, Cresco Labs has added an essential pay program and additional support to current employees working in cultivation centers, distribution facilities and dispensaries. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the daily lives and disrupted the livelihoods of everyone in this country, with some communities, groups and individuals impacted more than others,” said Charlie Bachtell, Cresco Labs’ CEO and cofounder. “As the states in which we operate have acknowledged cannabis as an ‘essential’ industry, we understand Cresco’s responsibility to continue operations, to be stewards of this industry and to be leaders in our communities. Cresco has a culture that focuses on, and prioritizes, the needs of all stakeholders – we are committed to do our part to maximize our impact and help those most affected by these unfortunate circumstances.” 

Cresco commits to hire displaced service industry workers 

Cresco will focus on hiring and training restaurant industry and hospitality service workers who have recently lost their jobs for 250 full-time positions at its Sunnyside dispensaries, including wellness advisors, inventory managers, managers, assistant managers and security personnel. 

The company is partnering with hospitality companies across the state to promote this opportunity to their employees affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“During this time where the needs of patients and customers in Illinois is growing and demand continues to outpace supply, the ability for Cresco to continue to employ a robust workforce will ensure that medical patients and Illinois residents continue to have essential access to the products they rely on daily for their wellbeing,” Bachtell said.

Essential Pay Program 

Cresco launched an essential pay program providing a premium payment for frontline salaried and hourly team members at its dispensaries, cultivation facilities and distribution locations. In addition, all supervisors and managers at these locations will receive additional compensation for their continued leadership during this period. 

“We recognize how much of a vital role our frontline team members are playing to help our patients and customers get the essential products they need, and we also realize how important it is to make sure they know how essential they are to our business, especially during these unprecedented times,” Bachtell said.

Partnerships with local restaurants

In another effort to make sure that employees are safe and rewarded for their continued dedication while, at the same time, helping the local communities that Cresco is a member of, the company has partnered with more than 90 local restaurants across eight of its operational states to deliver lunches daily to retail and manufacturing staff. 

On a daily basis, Cresco is purchasing, picking up and delivering more than 650 lunches to its workforce while doing what it can to help keep dozens of local restaurants remain active during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Many of the restaurants around our stores and facilities are locally owned, and we know their businesses are being devastated by the COVID-19 outbreak,” Bachtell said. “As stewards of the communities we operate in, we saw an opportunity to support our neighbors and help combat the economic impact of the pandemic on their restaurants by placing daily orders—all while also taking care of our team members; the most important part of our organization. In an otherwise challenging environment, we will continue to pursue win-win-win scenarios like this.”

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