Ananda Scientific, a clinical-stage biotech company pioneering patented delivery technologies for cannabinoids, has developed a water-stable formulation using the company’s patented, high-bioavailability Liquid Structure CBD. 

“Ananda’s innovative patented delivery technology (United States Patents 7,182,950 and 10.149,824) presents tremendous new opportunity for worldwide expansion of the CBD beverage sector,” said Mark J. Rosenfeld, Ananda Scientific CEO and Chief Science Officer. “We are excited to be paving the way through sound science with the first high-bioavailability cannabinoid formulation that stays in solution and otherwise remains stable at all ends of the supply chain.” 

CBD beverage products on the market claiming to be water-soluble and bioavailable can fail to deliver a useful product. Novel solutions are needed to correct this deficiency and make certain that CBD efficiently enters the bloodstream more rapidly and in larger amounts.

“Liquids infused by liposomal and nano-emulsion technologies, especially those using fat-based chemistry, tend to be unstable whereby the CBD irretrievably adheres to the sides of plastic, glass and aluminum containers, which critically impacts the efficacy of the CBD originally added to the solution,” said Mark Coffie, Ananda’s chief business development officer. “Our high-bioavailability Liquid Structure formulation offers the technology to deliver cannabis-infused beverages to market in plastic, glass and aluminum packaging without affecting the potency of the liquid for broader, more cost-effective distribution.”

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