MCTC Holdings, Inc. has completed Phase One of its Project Varin, a program designed to develop delivery systems and uses for THC-V. 

MCTC is now moving into its second phase of research. The company achieved the primary Phase One goal of producing highly loaded THC-V nanoscale fibers, as well as the secondary goal of initial investigation into pH sensitivity issues. 

Company researchers are now focused on organizing what is believed to be the industry's first animal study specifically focused on determining if the administration of THC-V leads to appetite suppression and/or weight loss.

"While many in the hemp extract and cannabinoid industry openly discuss the potential for THC-V as an aid to appetite suppression and weight loss, there has yet to be any studies specifically designed to validate such statements," said MCTC CEO Arman Tabatabaei. "We plan to use several internally developed delivery systems in a diet-induced obesity model (DIO) utilizing C57 Black 6 male mice. These delivery systems will include our internally developed patent pending nanoparticle and fiber technologies, and our patent pending 100 percent natural infusion technologies originally developed for cannabidiol (CBD), which will now be applied to THC-V."

Phase One of Project Varin produced nanoscale fibers, utilizing both food-grade and non-food grade polymers, with customizable dissolution times relative to the presence of water and variability of pH levels. Goals relative to load factors were achieved with the researchers believing even higher load factors are possible as parameters are further refined.

"We are seeing strong interest in our natural approach to cannabinoid infusion, which unlike the vast majority of other infusion technologies, utilizes no chemical surfactants, emulsifiers or other chemicals,” Tabatabaei  said. “Our R&D program is now at the stage where we are able to integrate our previous discoveries into new programs to not only bring to market new core delivery systems, but to also move these new delivery systems into actual products and into the marketplace. We plan several such productizations over the coming months as our research program expands beyond basic research and into product creation."

The company has recently filed patents on six different technologies on cannabinoids, hemp extracts and delivery systems. MCTC is currently working with patent counsel to protect various other aspects of its other new technologies and plans additional patent filings over the coming months.

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