Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. will acquire BlueKudu, a Colorado-based producer of premium cannabis chocolates and gummies.

Founded in 2011, BlueKudu is one of Colorado's oldest and most experienced edible manufacturers. Known for utilizing high-quality ingredients sourced from Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade-certified Farms, BlueKudu employs culinary experts and an extraction process that provides a cleaner and more natural oil to create artisanal cannabis products with vegan and gluten-free options.

Through the purchase, expected to close upon regulatory approvals, Curaleaf will operate an 8,400-sq.-ft. infusion kitchen and processing facility in Denver, Colorado. The strategic move supports the company's planned expansion of its recently acquired Select brand throughout the state of Colorado.

"Colorado is the second largest cannabis market in the U.S., with sales surpassing $1.7 billion in 2019," said Curaleaf CEO Joe Lusardi. "With over eight years of operating history, BlueKudu has developed a strong brand for customers seeking premium cannabis products in a diverse range of flavors and formulations. BlueKudu's established production and distribution capabilities will allow Curaleaf to seamlessly enter the market and expand the Select brand presence in the state of Colorado."

With delicious combinations such as Toffee + Almond Milk Chocolate and Coffee + Dark Chocolate, BlueKudu has developed an award-winning product line that is currently available in more than 200 retail locations throughout Colorado.

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