Prinova, a supplier of ingredients, flavors and nutrient premixes, has partnered with Open Book Extracts, a CBD ingredient manufacturer, to launch a new line of water-soluble CBD ingredients.

The HydroBond CBD line was developed and processed in-house at Prinova, using Open Book Extracts’ premium hemp-derived CBD ingredients. The two companies will collaborate in the product development and formulation of solutions for CBD consumer products, utilizing the increased performance of HydroBond CBD in liquid solution and powder RTM applications.

Prinova’s partnership with Open Book Extracts comes as the CBD industry continues to grow, making quality and transparency paramount to earning consumers’ confidence and trust. HydroBond CBD has unique benefits over traditional CBD ingredient forms, offering the ability to blend effectively and deliver neutral taste. Consumer demand for a “clean label” is also being addressed, particularly in the patent-pending HydroBond CBD Powder, which utilizes acacia fiber as the sole carrier.

“CBD is poised to be a major disruptive force across a number of markets, and new ingredient technologies that optimize CBD delivery are going to be a key part of this transition,” said Dan Force, director of marketing and innovation at Prinova. “We are excited to work with Open Book Extracts in delivering the top technology in this space with quality and traceability.”

Don Thorp, president of Prinova, elaborated on the need for traceability.

“Quality and safety are central to any product we supply, and Open Book Extracts’ standards have surpassed that of what we’ve seen in the market to date,” Thorp says. “Prinova is delighted to work with Open Book Extracts  to support brands bringing hemp-derived CBD products to market that adhere to our high quality and safety standards.”

Open Book Extracts’ products are tested internally at each step of the extraction and refinement process and then by licensed third-party laboratories to ensure the quality, consistency and safety of all products.

Customers will further benefit from the combined exceptional teams at Prinova and Open Book Extracts, who support the entire product development life cycle from concept to complete formulation. The teams include Prinova’s flavor and formulation lab experts and Open Book Extracts’ industry-leading authorities on all aspects of CBD production and innovation.

“Open Book Extracts delivers premium products, best-in-breed formulation support, exceptional service and industry-leading transparency for all current and aspiring CBD companies,” said Dave Neundorfer, CEO of Open Book Extracts. “Prinova’s long-standing reputation of supplying ingredients to trusted household brands aligns with our mission, and together, we are excited to serve the needs of the CBD industry.”

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