The Van Drunen Family of Companies ("VDF | FutureCeuticals") and Folium Biosciences ("Folium") announced a new strategic partnership whereby sister companies Van Drunen Farms and FutureCeuticals will be the exclusive distributor in the food, beverage and supplements category for Folium products around the world.
Van Drunen Farms, with headquarters in Momence, Ill., is a world leader in agriculture, food science, and dehydrating fruits, vegetables, and grains.  FutureCeuticals, also headquartered in Momence, is a vertically integrated pioneer in the supplements and functional food industry.  Folium is a global producer, manufacturer, and distributor of broad-spectrum hemp-derived non-psychoactive cannabinoids. With the industry leading 0.0% THC CBD Oil, Folium sets the standard by producing broad spectrum hemp oil in its most natural form through an innovative extraction and purification process. The patented purification process can selectively remove THC to nearly undetectable levels and reach a mark of 0.0% THC which allows for the distribution of Folium products in 27 countries. 
The partnership with Folium includes all of Folium's bulk ingredients and finished products for VDF | FutureCeuticals to sell through their worldwide distribution network. With extensive operations on four continents, VDF | FutureCeuticals customers, including the largest consumer brands in the world, will now have immediate access to Folium's vast catalog of products.
Folium and VDF | FutureCeuticals will also jointly develop new delivery systems and applications for hemp-derived non-psychoactive cannabinoids. Additionally, collective resources will be devoted to pursuing the core tenets of scientific discovery, including chemical and biological discovery and investigation, as well as clinical evaluation, to better understand and further substantiate the benefits of hemp-derived, non-psychoactive cannabinoids. This agreement is not just about selling current CBD products; it is about discovering the new, scientifically validated products of tomorrow.
Details of the partnership will be announced at the Expo West Show in Anaheim, Calif., March 4–7.