Good Hemp, Inc. has expanded the distribution network for its Good Hemp Fizz and Canna Hemp products.

Among the new brokers and distributors Good Hemp, Inc. is partnering with are United Beverage, Family Food Brokers, AFG distribution, Snowball Distributors, LL Enterprises, RN Distributors and The Plug Distribution. 

Good Hemp’s brands are available in more than 600 independent convenience stores, grocers and retailers nationwide, with Safeway being the brand’s most recent and notable retailer.

Good Hemp Fizz and Canna Hemp are functional carbonated beverages infused with natural flavors, organic caffeine, prebiotic fiber and hemp seed oil. Unlike other hemp-infused beverages that contain CBD, Fizz and Canna Hemp are made with hemp seed oil which is generally recognized as safe under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

“As we wait for FDA guidance on the regulation of CBD consumption, we are seeing an increased interest in our Fizz and Canna Hemp beverages that are made with hemp seed oil,” said Chris Chumas of Good Hemp. “Hemp seed oil contains neither CBD nor THC, not even trace amounts. We look forward to seeing this continued demand for our non-CBD hemp-based products so we are better positioned amongst the retailers and consumers for when the FDA makes a ruling on CBD, making it easier and quicker for us to introduce additional SKUs to consumers.”

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