GenTech Holdings, Inc. has launched “Secret Javas,” a high-end coffee subscription package with CBD and non-CBD versions of each flavor.

“The brand will be called ‘Secret Javas’ because we are delivering not only the daily coffee that people will love and reach for regularly, we are bringing them a new coffee taste each month by sending them unique coffees from our partner farm in Brazil, roasted specifically for us,” GenTech CEO David Lovatt said.

GenTech’s initial offering will be a supply of three pounds of coffee each month for $29.99 per month. Two of the coffees will be selected by the customer, who is invited to mix and match blends from a menu of top-quality roasts, including standard roast, dark roast, CBD and non-CBD types. In addition to these, GenTech will select and ship a third coffee variety for the customer each month from its “Secret Javas” list. The subscription service will also be adding a K-Cups version in 2020.

There are currently five coffees on the Secret Javas list, all cultivated and roasted perfectly to taste specifically for the Secret Java program by GenTech’s partner farm in Brazil:

  • FOLIA (Laurina Natural): A medium body, intensely sweet coffee featuring medium acidity, a caramelized almond sugar flavor and a clean and pleasant finish.
  • ADAGIO (Laurina Natural Fermented): A medium body, medium sweet coffee featuring a citric acidity with hints of honey, red fruits flavor and a long, nice finish.
  • OFERETA (Laurina Honey): An intense body, intensely sweet coffee with an intense acidity and a sharp caramel flavoring with hints of chocolate and a long finish.
  • SONATA (Laurina Red Honey): An intense body, intensely sweet, low citric acidity coffee featuring a caramel and vanilla flavoring and a long finish.
  • TOCATA (Yellow Catuai): An intensely bodied, medium sweet, low citric acidity coffee with red fruits flavor and a long finish.

“The online platform we are creating will grow with the company and the coffees on offer and will bring greater usability and complexity to customers fingertips throughout 2020,” Lovatt said. “Over time, our online platform will learn from each customer’s feedback to generate personalized profiles leading to blends that are as unique as the customer’s own feedback.”

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