San Francisco-based Manzanita Naturals has relaunched its THC-infused Grape Bliss and Strawberry Bliss sparkling waters without sugar substitutes. With the move, the company launched two new flavors: Lime and Grapefruit, also sugar free.

“One of the things we do at Manzanita is constantly talk to our customers,” said Manzanita Naturals CEO Andrew Amend. “As a company, we aim to be flexible and appeal to consumer tastes, and they challenged us to edit our recipe and remove sugar substitutes. We listened, and now all of our flavors have everything our customers want – 10 milligrams of THC, zero calories, no cannabis taste and where applicable, a strong citrus flavor – without added sweeteners.”

Previously, Manzanita Naturals used the sugar substitute erythritol to sweeten its sparkling waters without affecting the calorie and sugar content. With zero calories and no effect on insulin levels, erythritol has become a popular sweetener in products and for those adhering to ketogenic, low sugar and diabetic diets. 

However, changing customer tastes and the desire to consume products with easy-to-pronounce ingredients spurred Manzanita Naturals to edit its recipes. The new formulation took approximately eight months to develop. Through the use of new emulsion technology, all sparkling waters contain natural ingredients and are flavored through the use of essential oils.

The relaunched Grape Bliss and Strawberry Bliss sparkling waters, now simply named Grape and Strawberry, and new Lime and Grapefruit flavors are available now in Manzanita Naturals’ revamped packaging that includes a zigzag design and QR code leading customers to lab test results and additional content.

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