Company: Berry Global Group Inc.

Design Snapshot: Berry’s Embark line includes three package types, each of which provides built-in child-resistance within a distinct shape that’s designed to support experience benefits for the consumer. All three packs are designed to hold 3.5 grams of product with a flat profile to fit into pockets and handbags.

  • Embark Fresh is designed to optimize freshness, with a film layer across three separately sealed compartments, locking in moisture and freshness, for up to three bite-sized edibles or other products; the package’s hermetic seal also locks in odor, providing a true air-tight solution.
  • Embark Grip is a vertically oriented solution with a one-handed child-resistant function. The package can hold up to 10 small edibles.
  • Embark Case is a flat, one-inch-deep tray with a child-resistant hinged opening, allowing the consumer to view and select the edible. This package can hold up 10 small edibles.


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