PLUS Products Inc. has named Dr. Ari Mackler as the company’s chief scientific officer.

Mackler’s position at PLUS will allow him to pursue research relationships and clinical trials with academic institutions and private partners in an effort to expand and contribute to consumer understanding of cannabis and the benefits it may provide. He will join an existing team of experts at PLUS that includes Michelin-star sous chefs, chemists and food manufacturing experts..

“I have been intrigued by cannabis for years and saw a huge opportunity to apply my scientific and consumer products background for PLUS to help validate and articulate how their products may help people live better lives,” Mackler said. “I also believe scientifically-based education is vital to the future of the industry, and PLUS has focused their business processes in a way that ensures science is at the center of their product development DNA.” 

Mackler brings 20 years of medical affairs, communications and research experience in pharmaceutical, healthcare and consumer goods industries. Prior to joining PLUS, Mackler was vice president of clinical development for The Wonderful Company, where he led health and wellness initiatives to help establish the business as a global branded products leader. 

Mackler has also held positions with the multinational pharmaceutical company Merck & Co, the Almond Board of California, the International Tree Nut Council, the Nutritional Research & Education Foundation and Stem Cell Resource.

“Dr. Mackler has a long history of helping consumer product companies share a clear and scientifically backed narrative around product benefits,” said Jake Heimark, co-founder and CEO. “Cannabis is a performance category, and the most successful brands will be those that understand and are able to clearly communicate why their products work. There are few researchers of Dr. Mackler’s caliber in the cannabis industry today, and we believe he will play an invaluable role not only for PLUS, but as a thought leader within the industry.”

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