On the eve of Le Herbe celebrating its fifth year anniversary, the brand expands to the hemp industry with water soluble hemp extracts.
Le Herbe's new water soluble hemp extracts can be safely consumed as an ingredient or simply mixed with beverages. Smart consumers can purchase two types: "Reserve" (sweetened) and "Original" (unsweetened). These artisan powders will instantly dissolve within a few seconds in warm water and in about 30-60 seconds in cold water. The absorption of these powdered formulations have reached 78.4%, which make it 10x more powerful than current edible products and 2x more powerful than smoking or vaping.
Le Herbe thinks hemp consumers should stop focusing on the effects of CBD for now and pay close attention to how much you actually absorb. Le Herbe says that you can't achieve real results if you excrete 85-90% of the hemp oil, you think you just consumed. According to the company, consumers are blind to these facts because they can't feel the effects, unlike with THC. 

The company suggests that a great way for consumers to find quality hemp products is to look for words like "Water Soluble" and "Whole Plant". Not all companies are created equal, so please read the product label. Stay away from products that contain glycerine, polysorbate, propylene glycol (PG), and polyethylene glycol (PEG).