Coda Signature, maker of cannabis-infused edibles, topicals and concentrates, has officially arrived in California. Distributed by HERBL, the company’s products are now available at dozens of retailers across the state.
“Our California launch is an essential part of our journey toward becoming the leading cannabis infused products brand in North America,” said Mark Grindeland, Coda Signature co-founder and CEO. “In 2015, we started Coda Signature in Colorado to provide premium quality infused products at an accessible price point. We have earned No. 1 market share in the adult-use chocolate category in Colorado, and we manufacture four of the top 10 best-selling edible products in the state, per BDS Analytics. We built our business by manufacturing innovative products and delivering exceptional customer service to our dispensary partners. We look forward to executing our proven model in California.”
Coda Signature recently completed construction on a 20,000-sq.-ft. production site in Oakland and plans to hire more than 200 employees for its California operations by the end of 2020. 

“Early response in California to our flavor profiles and effects has been fantastic, and we are just getting started,” commented Elizabeth Cooke, co-founder, president and chief compliance officer of Coda Signature. “Over the next few months, we plan to roll out our full line of edibles, topicals and concentrates across the state. We are grateful to the legal cannabis community for the warm welcome and we are proud to be a part of this dynamic market.”
Coda Signature’s California debut features the company’s line of chocolate bars. Each of the seven chocolate bars is made from the finest ingredients, such as single-sourced cacao from family farms in South America. With 100mg THC, each 20-piece bar is designed for 5mg microdosing. The flavors include:

  • Coffee & Doughnuts: Creamy milk chocolate joins robust coffee and toasted milk, finished with a dusting of cinnamon sugar.
  • Cream & Crumble: Milky white chocolate blends with tart sour cream and lemon, speckled with spiced crumble.
  • Caramel & Corn: Deeply caramelized white chocolate embraces sweet, popped corn, and finishes with a dash of sea salt.
  • Snap & Spice: Ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, anise, and a touch of citrus add the perfect snap to darkened milk chocolate.
  • Maple & Pecan: A splash of sweet maple, smooth pecan butter, and a bit of hearty wood-smoked sea salt further enhances the depth of flavor in a custom blended darkened milk chocolate.
  • Salt & Nibs: An 80% dark chocolate bar is studded with elegant pink Himalayan salt crystals and topped with honey caramelized cacao nibs.
  • Fire & Orange: With floral and tart blood orange, bitter burnt sugar crystals, and the warm slow heat of cayenne, each piece is truly a duel of fire and orange. 

Additional edibles, topicals and CO2-extracted concentrates will be introduced later this fall.

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