Wixon Inc. is launching the taste modifier, Green-Away for CBD, designed specifically for use with hemp-derived CBD. 

“Green-Away for CBD is the newest addition to our Mag-nifique custom taste portfolio,” says Mel Mann, director of innovation, Wixon. “And much in the same way as with our other Mag-nifique taste modifiers, Green-Away gives us the ability to mask bitterness and off-notes often associated with hemp-derived CBD.” 

The Green-Away for CBD masking technology directly targets the bitter and undesirable taste of hemp-derived CBD in applications without imparting sweetness or affecting any other aspect of taste. In keeping with the entire Mag-nifique portfolio, Green-Away for CBD is labeled as a natural flavor and is available in liquid, dry and non-GMO formulations. 

Wixon Mag-nifique technology offers food and beverage product developers a broad range of flavor modification systems. Green-Away for CBD is from Mag-nifique’s functional category of custom taste solutions. The newly relaunched Mag-nifique portfolio includes solutions for: 

  • Reducing sugar and sodium without affecting flavor
  • Increasing functional ingredients (protein, vitamins, CBD) without affecting flavor and mouthfeel
  • Masking off-notes and bitterness
  • Enhancing intended or desirable savory notes without MSG

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