Socati Corp. now has the ability to customize cannabinoid profiles for its hemp-derived ingredients, enabled by the company’s patented chromatographic-based technology.

The first customized ingredient products based on this technology contain a broad-spectrum profile featuring a minimum of 80 percent cannabidiol (CBD) and 4 percent of the minor cannabinoid cannabigerol (CBG).

The two products, an oil ingredient known as Socati CBG NDT, and a water-soluble version called Socati Soluble, are made possible by Socati’s advanced chromatographic technology that allows the company to target and separate minor cannabinoids and then create fully customized cannabinoid profiles for consumer packaged goods manufacturers. Because of this technology, Socati is able to create custom blends that consistently hit a manufacturer’s exact specifications for the levels of each cannabinoid.

“Consumers are demanding increasingly personalized products, and manufacturers are looking for ways to respond to that demand,” said Socati CEO Josh Epstein. “Socati’s proprietary technology creates hemp extracts that behave just like any other food ingredient, allowing CPG manufacturers address these demands.”

At launch, both products offer high levels of CBD and CBG with non-detectable THC levels. While CBD has become the best known of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids in recent years, a host of other compounds exist in hemp that show strong promise for those looking to promote health and wellness. Like CBD, CBG is a compound that shows potential to benefit health.

In addition to its new custom cannabinoid profile offerings, the company will, in the coming months, offer additional ingredient products featuring customizable levels of other minor cannabinoids including cannabinol (CBN) and cannabichromene (CBC). 

More than 100 unique cannabinoids are found in hemp. Though most people are familiar with CBD and THC, many of these compounds – including CBG – appear in far lower levels in the plant. As consumers learn more about the properties of specific cannabinoids, they are asking for products and varieties that address their individual needs.

“Hemp-derived cannabinoids show tremendous potential to help consumers in myriad ways,” Epstein added. “Producing ingredients that meet the standards for quality, purity and customization that manufacturers have come to expect from all their ingredient providers will help unleash that potential.”

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