Company: Kazmira, LLC

Ingredient Snapshot: After two years of research and development, Kazmira has introduced Plasma water-soluble CBD to the market. This clear, water-based formula does not rely on surfactants, emulsifiers or liposomes. Plasma offers higher bioavailability and high shelf-life stability. Its particle size is small and consistent, with measurements of less than 5 nanometers. The formula also utilizes Kazmira’s CBD Isolate Max, which contains the non-psychoactive cannabinoid cannabidivarin (CBDV) and 7 to 10 terpenes.

Kazmira notes that the availability of a water-soluble CBD allows its customers to create a wider range of end-products that tailor to consumers interested in portable, convenient functional foods, including functional beverages. The ingredient also permits consistent and measurable CBD control. Kazmira’s Plasma water-soluble CBD doesn’t have any noticeable impact on flavor, consistency, texture or appearance in the finished food or beverage.

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