Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. has partnered with How Sweet It Is Fudge and Candy Co. to manufacture hemp-derived CBD-infused chocolates, hard candies and baked goods for distribution throughout the United States.

Rocky Mountain High Brands (RMHB) and Sweet Ally, Inc., owned by How Sweet It Is owner Lenny Cusenza, have formed Sweet Rock, LLC, with RMHB owning 51 percent and Sweet Ally owning 49 percent.

Sweet Rock will focus on creating, manufacturing and distributing hemp-derived CBD-infused chocolates, hard candies and baked goods. Sweet Rock will enter into a manufacturing agreement with How Sweet It Is and will utilize their existing distribution channels established throughout the entire country.

“This agreement represents an important milestone in our growth strategy and provides a solid foundation to grow market value for our shareholders,” RMHB President and CEO Michael Welch said. “Our investment in Sweet Rock strengthens our competitiveness, complements our existing product line, and provides a significant additional revenue stream.

“I am very thankful to Albert Vergilio, managing director of Carlin Group, for his introduction to Lenny Cusenza. During our initial meeting, we identified that we both had a unique set of complementary skills. We were both very comfortable working with each other. We exchanged ideas and identified opportunities that would help both of our companies grow. As a result, Sweet Rock was created.”

Sweet Rock will launch a line of CBD edibles produced in the How Sweet It Is facility sometime this summer. Initial offerings include four chocolate bars, each containing 120 milligrams of CBD sectioned into 12 10-milligram servings. It’s set to be distributed through Lipari Foods.

“We have all the pieces in place to make Sweet Rock a very profitable business alliance with Rocky Mountain High Brands,” Cusenza said.

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