Wana Brands is bringing its cannabis-infused gummies to California this fall through a continuing partnership with High Life Farms.
Wana has become the No. 1 edibles brand in the United States, according to BDS Analytics Brand Share Report, through its expansion from its Colorado headquarters into Nevada, Illinois, Michigan, Arizona and Oregon. Bringing Wana products to California—the world’s fifth largest economy—will expand Wana Brands’ reach even further. Beyond California, Wana is onboarding in Ohio and Florida (as regulations allow) and expects to enter international markets including Canada by the end of the year. 
“High Life Farms is already Wana Brands’ trusted partner in Michigan, so we expect that our teams can hit the ground running and get Wana’s reliable and consistent products into the California market in record time,” said Wana Founder & CEO Nancy Whiteman.

In California, Wana will offer its Sour Gummies in flavors including Watermelon Hybrid; Blueberry Indica; Mango Sativa; Strawberry Lemonade 1:1 THC/CBD; Strawberry 10:1 CBD/THC; and Yuzu 2:1 CBD/THC. 

Wana Sour Gummies are handcrafted and infused with high-quality tincture during the cooking process. Wana gummies are made with fruit pectin, giving them their texture and making them 100 percent vegan. All Wana products are made with sugar, natural coloring and flavoring, and gluten-free ingredients. Wana gummies contain no sorbitol or mineral oil, both of which can cause stomach upset in some users.
“High Life Farms is focused on bringing the best brands to the most important markets, so Wana is the perfect partner for our California operations,” said Jason Pasko, COO, High Life Farms. 
Wana Brands products are known for their quality, consistency and potency. The company has been providing third party testing of its products to ensure purity and potency since Wana was established in 2010. As such, consumers and retailers have come to trust the Wana name as the industry leader in infused gummies.