Native Roots, a Colorado-based cannabis dispensary chain, is using Best in Grow’s suite of management and team engagement tools to enhance its operations.

With more than 20 locations in the U.S. and Canada and more than 600 employees, Native Roots is one of the largest and fastest growing cannabis retail operators in the world. Led by a team of experienced executives, Native Roots identified the need for a tool to connect their distributed workforce, create strong communication channels and help build a culture of transparency, accountability, and professionalism. 

With Best in Grow dispensaries are able to maximize the effectiveness of critical point of sale influencers, seamlessly communicate across their entire organization, manage schedules and checklists, and deploy learning and training initiatives. 

In addition to providing powerful management tools for dispensaries, cannabis brands and infused-product manufacturers are able to use Best in Grow to engage and connect with budtenders who represent and recommend their products on the frontlines. From distributing sample feedback surveys to deploying training and educational content, Best in Grow is a revolutionary collaborative space for leading brands to build meaningful relationships with cannabis retail professionals. 

"Communication tools are vital to operations within a vertically integrated company like ours, especially at this size,'' says Alex Bitz, Native Roots IT director. “The Best in Grow platform is a multifaceted solution for the various types of communication needs within our organization. We are firm believers in the platform, as well as the team behind it, and we are excited to see how this tool elevates our daily operations."

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