First Foods Group, Inc. (FIFG) registered its Holy Cacao® subsidiary with the state of Nevada on August 31, 2017 and has officially finalized its brand, logo, packaging, and 7 proposed products, thereby completing its design and concept phase.

FIFG filed four applications for federal and Colorado state trademarks for its brand name "Holy Cacao" and "The Edibles' Cult" to protect its name, tagline, unique product lines, recipes, and packaging. Holy Cacao® is bolstered by cannabis industry expert Robert Hunt and world-renowned chocolatier Oded Brenner, a key branding consultant. In preparation for the launch of its Holy Cacao business FIFG has raised over $500,000, including $200,000 in equity and $300,000 in non-convertible debt, and generated new revenue from its First Foods Funding Division.  

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FIFG is under contractual NDA with three product manufactures in this area and will be finalizing a contract with the chosen manufacturer. Holy Cacao® plans to market premium chocolate products to legal cannabis sectors, which Brenner of "Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man" fame has created. Brenner's design, marketing, and culinary artistry were the driving force behind the worldwide success of the Max Brenner brand.

Brenner has developed a breakthrough line of chocolate edibles formulated to create a cult-like passion for the products. He has incorporated an exotic mix of champagnes, sherries, and select cannabis strains into his chocolate formulas, producing unforgettable flavors and responses. Among the lines scheduled for production are "Lips", "Body and Soul", "Something About You and Me", and "Shooting High."

Robert Hunt is leading Holy Cacao's efforts to quickly gain traction throughout legalized states. Hunt has become one of the most connected and sought-after experts in the entire cannabis industry, generating worldwide media coverage for himself and his clients through The Wall Street Journal, The BBC, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Fortune, US News & World Report, CNN Money, NBC News, ABC News, as well as dozens of major publications and national media outlets.

"It's a privilege for us to be associated with Rob and Oded and to get a close-up view of their respective geniuses at work," said FIFG CEO and Chairman Harold Kestenbaum. "We already have numerous opportunities on the table with some of the biggest players in the game, and we're well positioned to carve out a prosperous niche in this historically explosive market."